January 27th, 2015

Pretty Tom

Phones are not this strange device from myth or legend, I promise.

Dear University Registry Office:

It's fantastic that you have a queuing system now on your phone lines, so people can wait instead of being hung up on, and it's such an awesome system that if you wait more than thirty seconds, you get an answer phone message and redirected to the website. It would be even more fucking awesome if a) SOMEONE WOULD PICK UP THE PHONE or b) IF YOU ACTUALLY ANSWERED YOUR MESSAGES.

I've been trying  to get hold of someone in the academic registry and nobody ever picks up the phone. Ever. Period. I try different times of day, I try different phones to see if it's just my house phone - nothing. I leave a message. Nobody ever gets back to me. I send my query in via email. BIG EMPTY NOTHING OF A RESPONSE. This is not new. Every time I've tried to get hold of you via phone or email for the last /year/, you guys are as contactable as a brick wall.

The only way I'd get you to pay attention to me would be to run into you, at full tilt. I'd do that but I'm currently five hours driving way from Bangor university and I'm not driving this far to remind you that phones exist and how to use them. Unfortunately, I'm taking a year out, so I have no access to university emails, or the intranet that current students would have.

Seriously no love,