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Adventures in Online Banking

I'm so switching banks after this.

My college is an hour away from my nearest banking branch, so I do a lot of banking online. They also have the cheapest ATM fees in the area ($1.00!!). This, however, has driven me to the point of no return with them.

A few weeks ago, I go to log into my account to transfer some money to my mom, and the site loads, but goes back to the homepage. I tried logging in again, ans it did the same thing. The enxt time I tried to log in, the site told me that they had locked my account because of too many failed attempts to log in, and it should be unlocked after half an hour. It sucked, but I didn't have a problem with it and watched some TV. I waited an hour before attempting to log in again (on a different computer this time), and the account was still locked. Customer service was closed by that time, so I decided to wait until tomorrow, thinking the account would be unlocked by the time I called them.

The next day, I went to class, then went to the computer lab to check on my account, which was still locked. I called the bank and told them the problem. They asked for my account number and put me on hold for ten to fifteen minutes. Then they told me they manually unlocked the account and I should be able to log in, but when I logged in, it was STILL. LOCKED. I would've called again, but I had to go to class.

Since then, I've called the bank numerous times, only to be told the same thing to get the same result. I've had to save my banking for the weekends when I went to my mom's house. I've brought it up there to, and they've told me the same things, which I told them wasn't working and I haven't been able to get a straight answer from anybody, including the manager. I'm posting this now because after about five weeks, my account's just now unlocking, and I figured out how to log into the site without problems. Apparently, if you're using Firefox, you have to go to three pages in sequence, then log in. It's like a puzzle, I guess.
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