December 8th, 2014

  • charuby

Rude cashier

I went Christmas shopping at a large discount store and was served by one of the rudest cashiers. I put my stuff down on the counter and she let out this massive sigh and rolled her eyes as if this was a big inconvenience for her. As she scanned my stuff through, she threw my items into a bag so furiously that I'm thankful there were no breakables in there. And then... silence. I waited for her to read out the total to me but she never did.

"What's the total?" I asked her.

She pointed to the display, which I admit I'd seen already, but the reason I asked was because I wanted her to interact with me. It's rude not to. I've been a cashier for 10 years. I know this. So yeah like I said, she pointed to the display, rolled her eyes again and folded her arms across her chest while waiting for me to pay.

I paid by card. No prompts to enter pin, no prompts to remove card. It's a good job I was looking at the card machine, because it was quite obvious she was in no rush to engage me. When it was time to leave, I said to her, "There's no need to be rude."

She looked up finally and gave me the filthiest look ever. Some people really aren't cut out for retail.

But then, guess what? When I thought I'd seen the back of her, I ended up bumping into her in another shop, with her boyfriend/husband/whatever. I'm not that good at remembering faces but she'd got her work uniform on and I knew it was her. I thought she'd recognize me and say something to me about calling her out on her rudeness, but she never did.