November 6th, 2014

Dark and Sparkly, Credit: Laurahonest

I still don't see my glasses.

Back in mid-September, a family friend hosted a sort of eye-glasses party (think Tupperware, but with prescription lenses). The Glasses Lady is also an optometrist and lived several town over; so she would take the frames you chose, insert the lenses for your prescription, and then courier them to the seller.

The frames were *really* nice and much cheaper than in-store, so I bought a pair. We filled out the papers, I gave her my payment information, all is good. GL emails me several days later to confirm my lense prescription. And I start watching the mail.

October 29. It's been seven weeks and no glasses. (I know, that was a while. For some reason, I had the mail order mantra of "6-8 weeks for delivery" stuck in my head). I sent a polite & friendly email asking about the status of my order. I was thrilled when GL called me that same day, and apologised. She told me that the finished glasses had been mailed a while ago and she'd look for the tracking number and try to locate my apparently lost package. Yay! I didn't think to ask her to send me a copy of the tracking info until after.

So, today. Still no sign of a package. I sent another email, asking if GL had been able to find the tracking information for the courier. Her response:
"I am sending your glasses to you tomorrow.  I will be sending by mail but will send as fast as I can."
Wait, what the hell?! What happened to her claims that they'd been sent weeks ago? And so help me, if she sent my expensive pretty shiny new glasses by standard snail-mail, I'm gonna be pissed. I've sent a response asking GL to send me the tracking info. Let's see how this turns out.

This isn't a suck, but a link to a website I thought it might be of interest to folks who have had trouble with issues with UPS, USPS, and other parcel delivery companies.

It shows videos of packages being mishandled (through CCTV at companies or hidden video at homes). It's pretty appalling what some delivery drivers get away with (or think they're getting away with). The site also offers tips on filing claims with the major delivery services.