October 29th, 2014


Package Pick-up

A friend told me to be on the lookout for a package in the mail. A few days passed and I received a notice from our mail carrier that a package for our apartment was brought to the apartment office. I immediately went to the office to get the package. The guy there took the notice and went to look for it in a smaller room. The room had various packages and envelopes on a couple of shelves and on other counters on the room. He could not find the package. He then told me that sometimes the notices get to us before they get to the office.
I asked him what he meant by this. He said that sometimes the notices arrive a day before the package and to come back tomorrow. I asked him if I understood him correctly and the mailman puts as notice in my mailbox a day before the package arrives. Yes. I couldn’t understand this so I asked, “So, what you are telling me is that the mailman somehow uses his psychic abilities to know I will be getting a package, takes out a form, writes on it “APT OFFICE DROP OFF” on it, and puts it in my mailbox the day before he has the package to drop off here?” He replied that this happens all the time. I left because I had a headache and couldn’t deal with it at the moment.

The next day, my husband and I are walking around the complex and stop at the office. On the way in, we meet the mailman. He notices the slip and asks to see it as he just dropped something off. He told us he dropped this off yesterday. I go back in and the same guy is there. He can’t find the package…again. Another resident walks in and she ends up having to go in the room and find the package with him because he cannot find it. During their search, he tells me the post office around here is horrible and they lost the package. He tells me that if they had it, it would be in the room. The woman agrees that it is at the post office. Another couple walks in and he says “I will make a note about this.” Then, he starts talking to the new couple about apartments. Now, ignoring us.

I go out to the lobby and call the post office. They are calling and texting the mailman and while they are waiting, they look in the office for it. While this is going on, another office person walks in. She says “Oh, you have a package here.” WTF????????? I told her I have been trying to collect it for two days. She goes into the room. Goes to the table…next to the door and grabs this really big box. Lo and behold, my name and address are right ON TOP OF THE BOX. In big letters and numbers. Right there. We are standing right next to the guy and the other couple. I tell her thanks and again say I have been here twice and each time was told the post office didn’t deliver this and was sent on my way. She apologized and said it arrived yesterday morning. The office manager came out and said “Oh, (hhaha) he was looking for that for two days.” Yeah, right by the door. He never once apologized or even acknowledged his mistake.