October 12th, 2014

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Bad Service or No?

Personally, I feel this is bad service. I'm not sure everyone else will feel that way, though.

I work in a gas station/pizza/sub place. We're one of only two shops open in my town 24hrs, so we see a lot of crazy people in the wee hours on of the night. The other night at about 1-1:30am there were a couple people loitering in our parking lot working on a truck. One of the people was drinking pretty heavily, laughing loudly, yelling, and stumbling around while the apparently sober one actually worked on the vehicle. After the sober one got it finished, he left, and the drunk one climbed behind the wheel of the truck. My coworker and I were very concerned, so after he went outside to check on the guy, who claimed he was "just fine," he called the cops.

When my coworker got to dispatch, he explained the situation. VERY drunk guy behind the wheel of a truck, heading down main street, license plate numbers are thus, etc. And dispatch says "Is that all? I have EMERGENCIES to deal with." and my coworker is taken aback. "He was almost falling down drunk. And he's DRIVING. How is that not an emergency?" so dispatch replies "FINE. I'll TRY to get someone on it EVENTUALLY." .......Um. WHAT? Nice to know that drunk driving isn't a real emergency. I get that there are some emergencies that come first, like murder, bank robberies, hostage situations, etc, but her attitude was really unwarranted.