October 11th, 2014


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Took a cab home from a bar. I am very specific about the route home. Xx street down to the Brooklyn Bridge to this highway to this street. Apparently, I am not specific enough. There is an entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge on Chambers St. The cab driver passed Chambers instead of turning to the bridge so I thought he was going around the park because maybe the chambers street entrance was closed. We get to the other entrance and that is closed. I could see cars on the bridge, meaning the entrance we should have taken was open.

We then got stuck in traffic trying to drive towards an alternate entrance. Traffic was at a standstill. I ask the cab driver how far we are from the entrance. The driver ignored me. I asked again and he got an attitude. He also asked me what I wanted and called me baby. My husband got pissed and started to say something but I cut him off (I was pissed and ready to fight my own battle at that point) and told the driver not to call me baby. I asked why he didn't take the entrance that was open and he got mad and said he didn't know what I was talking about and what was he supposed to do? He also tried to tell me the Chambers Street entrance is closed even though I could see cars entering from there. We exchanged words because he was pissed that I pointed out he was costing us more money on the meter and he had taken a longer route than was necessary. We told him we were getting out, paid the fare (no tip of course), walked to the entrance he should have taken and got a cab there.

Pizza place overcharged me and closed down.

The beginning of last month I ordered some pizzas from B's for pick-up. I paid with my card, and I added a tip to make the price come out even (40.00).

After a few days, I looked over my account and see that they charged me $56.54. I called and spoke to th manager, Joe, he said he'd give me a "free" pizza (more like a pizza I already paid for). I love their pizza, so I said I might call back and order today or within the next couple weeks because I just bought a house and I'm renovating so it's a lot of trouble to go all the way across town.

There was no mention of "hey we're selling the place, make sure to get it soon!" In about a week and a half, I called to order my pizza, it just kept ringing. I make the drive there, and the sign of the old pizza place is still there, nothing looks different. This conversation happened:
L:Lady behind the counter
G: Guy behind the counter

M: Joe told me to come in and get a free pizza since he overcharged me $16+ change.
L: Joe who?
M: Joe, the manager.
L: When was this?
M: About a week and a half ago.
L: None of that staff work here anymore, we bought them out a week ago today. We don't even have the phone working yet. (ODD, because the girl standing next to her worked there before they bought it, she has waited on me a few times before)
G: The pizza tastes the same though.
L: Yes, it's basically the same.

I look up at the menu, it says T's instead of B's. *sigh* I order a pizza (only to discover later that it indeed does NOT taste likes B's pizza)

Within 3 days of me talking to Joe, the place closed down. I'm assuming they overcharged customers knowing that they were closing, and hoping people wouldn't notice until they closed.