October 9th, 2014


Apparently, I'm Not Supposed to Eat

A suck and a WTF (combined).

My SO and I decided to hit the local McDonald's for a meal. I'm not a fan of McD's, but it was in the same parking lot as the place my SO goes to physio, and we were starving, so off we went.

We stood in line, checking out the menu, and decided on what we both wanted to order. When it was our turn, we walked up to the counter together, and I told my SO to go first.

Here's how I expected it to go:

Cashier: (to him) Hi, may I take your order?
My SO: I'll have (insert items here).
Cashier: (to me) And what I can get for you?

Obvious, right?  That's what's happened every time we've ever gone to a fast food outlet.  One of us places their order, then the other, then we pay for it all.

I've worked fast food before. If two people walk up to the cash together, it usually means they're both ordering as ONE order. In that case, I would always get the order from one, and then ask the other person what they wanted. Even if the other person isn't ordering, or whatever, I always asked.

This is what actually went down:

Cashier: (to my SO) Hi, what can I get for you today?
My SO: I'll have (insert items here).
Cashier: That'll be $10.50. Will that be cash or debit?

My SO turned to me, and I started to give my order. That was when I got the glare from hell, and a really frustrated sigh from the cashier. She didn't key in my order.

Me: Is there a problem?
Cashier: (in a really sarcastic tone) NO?!
Me: Can I place my order now, too? I'm paying for the whole thing, so we need to order together.
Cashier: (another long, drawn-out sigh, and another glare)

By this time, I'm thinking, 'What the fuck?' But, I said screw it, and started giving her my order anyway. She sighed again, like it was a HUGE imposition, and then shook her head and started keying it in.

I mean, what the ever-loving hell? Has she never had to take an order for two people?

When she rang up the total, she glared at me again, and didn't even announce the price. I paid by debit, and she didn't even say thank you. We stepped back and waited for her to put the food on the tray, and she practically threw the fries at me.

I was too baffled and taken aback to really react. My SO, on the other hand, gave her a return glare, and said, "Wow, rude much?"

I don't even know. When I was standing there, next to my SO while we were ordering, she completely ignored me. And, when I tried to order, she got pissed. I don't get it. I know some people can have a bad day, but to completely ignore one customer? Never had that happen before.