October 7th, 2014

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I got married on Saturday. I chose a beautiful golf course that had a patio for the ceremony and a ballroom for the reception with catering through their kitchen.

All in all, the day went beautifully, the weather was great, the space was amazing, the food was SO good, but there were a few things that were just.. bad.

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Other then the weirdness from the staff of the venue, the wedding was great. Slight hiccup when the commissioner read the entirely wrong names. Our names are Cristi and Dana, and she said "We are gathered here today for Ryan and Nicole".. I glanced over and whispered "THOSE AREN'T OUR NAMES" and she kind of giggled and re-did it. Not as bad as the story I just heard this morning from my manager, who I guess had a commissioner who had just written a book and spent the first five minutes of their wedding promoting herself and her new book before even getting into the wedding. I had to giggle about it. Now I call my hubby Ryan.