September 15th, 2014



My husband was waiting for medical orders from his doctors office, who prefers to do things the rather old-fashioned way -- they mail him handwritten orders.  (The office also only accepts payments by check or cash, but it also happens to house one of the best specialists in the entire region, so we have learned to deal with it.)

Friday we opened up envelope to find...detailed orders for another patient.   Oh.  Well.

So I call today and tell them what happened.  What makes me move this from "mistakes happen" to "bad service" is that not only was Suzy not nonplussed by this (Oh, yes, I do that sometimes!) but she said that my husbands orders were still waiting approval from our insurence company.

So it wasn't what I thought it was -- just switching two sets of orders into the wrong envelopes - but she handwrote (a whole letter! and a set of orders!  in wonderful cursive!) and then hand-addressed a enveleope to a completely wrong patient and never noticed.

And now I know a pretty good medical history (and random womens date of birth and address, too!) on another patient of this practice and you know, she just does that sometimes.