August 23rd, 2014


So I'm out a car for a while, getting some extensive repairs after an accident but luckily I live about half a mile from work so walking isn't really a problem. Tonight, though, I had to go opposite direction from home to pick something up after work (green, rhymes with "share a fauna"). This really only made it a 1.5 mile walk home at most, but after serving for 7hours my feet were waving the white flag, so i decided to catch a bus. I was about 150ish feet away from the stop when I saw the bus rounding the corner so I took off running to avoid having to wait 45 minutes for the next one (sorry, feet, promise to make hubby massage you later). I made it, got on and paid, and in the process the driver looked me up and down, then remarked "I wouldn't think YOU could have run like that!" Ordinarily, I can let stupidity like this roll off my back, but I have gained some weight because of stress eating in recent months so out kind of bothered me. I simply responded "that's a really shitty thing to say to a paying customer, dude" and sat, but who the hell seriously says that to another person, even ignoring the fact that he really had no place to be making such a comment. Of course upon exiting I took off running again, but at least resisted the urge to moon the asshole despite strong temptation. I'll be calling and complaining Monday when transit offices are open, that kind of comment could really mess with a person and was entirely unnecessary.

Edited to avoid anyone thinking I have a fetish for the word Monday :D
Cillian Murphy


An update to my previous post: I haz money!

I took using the Governor's Advocacy Agency, but I have cash, in hand, at this moment. Thanks for all your advice!