August 5th, 2014

disapproval, banshee

"That time is fine" actually means "we're closed" apparently

It pains me to make this post, because this hairdressers is actually really great. My husband goes there regularly, and I have been there a few times and never have we had poor service.

Which is why this particular incident cheeses me off.

I decided at the weekend that I wanted to get my hair dip-dyed. Since I teach, I cannot dye my hair a crazy colour, but a hint of deep purple towards the ends won't be that noticeable when it's tied up. Monday was my day off, so I popped in at 11am to see if they had any openings that day. There's a customer standing in the door who sees me coming and says "they're closed." The door was still open, so I asked, "All day?"

She gestured towards the owner and said I should ask him. I did, and he asked if I had an appointment, as they're now closed until 3pm. I told him that I wanted to ask about prices first, as I want to get my hair dip-dyed. He said he didn't do that, but his daughter did (the customer vouched for her- she's done my hair before, so I knew this). I asked if she was there at 3pm. He said no, but she's really good.

I told him that today was my only day free and was about to bid farewell when he then said that I could come back tomorrow and she'll fit me in anytime. I told him that I am currently working in [town an hour's drive away] and I wouldn't be back in the area until at least 5.30-5.45pm (I leave long before they open). He said "that's fine, she can fit you in any time!"

I was a little apprehensive, but thanked him and checked their opening hours when I got home. According to Google and Yell, they're open 9am-7pm every day. I presumed today was a one-off midday closure and hoped for the best.

I get home from work at 5.40pm. I live literally next door to the salon, so I went over as soon as I parked in my driveway... They're shut.
I was hoping to get my hair done before I went away for the weekend- looks like I won't even be getting the basic trim I desperately need either.

TLDR: Salon has a surprise closure midday, tell me I can come back tomorrow after 5.30. I do, to find out they're already closed.