August 4th, 2014


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I have a couple from our day out today.

First, we were at Walmart. My boyfriend was putting stuff on the belt, as the lady in front of us was paying. He was putting a box of aspirin up, it slipped and slid toward the scanner. The cashier swatted it away roughly and he turned to her and apologized. She gave him a dirty look and said loudly "WELL IF YOU HADN'T BEEN THROWING STUFF IT WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED, DON'T SLIDE STUFF AROUND ON MY BELT!". Wow, lady. Chill.

This is more of a WTF: I have a little cosmetology school under my belt as well as some beauty supply experience. I'm not just a typical customer who wanders into a salon. As a salon who's advertising color services, not just that, but because with more and more people going with untraditional colors, you would think that they would know what a cleansing conditioner is. I went to two salons to see if they had a sulfate and paraben free shampoo because my hair is currently dyed bright red. I use cleansing condtioner but I was looking fo something gentle for every day use. I explain what I'm doing, and all that gets heard is cleanser... and they assume I mean clarifying shampoo, which will strip the color fast. I corrected the first girl and it was like she didn't even hear me so I gave up at that salon. The second one, I corrected her, and she handed me a shampoo... that wasn't anything close to what I asked for. So I ended up just going to Sally's. I'm sure it's my area of the country and how behind we are, but holy moly. This is why I do my own hair.

Golden Girls- Blanche Marines

Hyundai issues

I bought a used 2010 Hyundai Accent 2 years ago. Hyundais have a 100K mile warranty on the engine.

This May, the engine essentially died. Took it to my local dealership and they offered several options. I chose to have them install a used engine, which they procured, with a six month warranty. Cost was about $3,500. I was told the engine likely died for lack of fluids; also I had not changed the oil in too long. Okay, expensive lesson learned.

Two weeks later, the radiator had to be replaced. The employee I was dealing with, Mary, mentioned the radiator may have caused the engine to die. Wait, if it was the radiator, it was not my fault then? And the radiator isn't covered under warranty? I was skeptical, but paid for the new radiator. They also fixed the cruise control, which had stopped working after the new used engine was put in.

A month later, the car started leaking fluids. Took it in, was told it was a bad part. It was fixed for free and they gave me a loaner for the duration.

Today, the engine started shaking and the check engine light came on. So I will be going to the dealership yet again tomorrow.

If I had known this repair would take so much more time, and money, I wouldn't have done it. Also, I believe the initial repair should have been covered by the warranty, at least partly.

I'm not sure what to do now. I feel like things are going to keep going wrong, and what happens when the engine's 6 month warranty is up.

Should I talk to the service manager? Try corporate? Try to get some of my money back? Or try for a decent trade in value and start over?

Edit: thanks for letting me know I may have voided the warranty- I know I screwed up with the maintenance. The warranty did transfer owners though up to a certain mileage.

Still concerned about the new used engine having problems. At dealer now- guess will see if I need to talk to anyone further about it.