July 10th, 2014

ebay seller bad_service

I purchased an item from a seller on ebay. ebay stated that the item should arrive by July 8th. The seller is local to me, so I had no problem believing it would arrive on time.

The seller sent me a tracking number on the 7th.

The tracking never updated. I contacted the seller the evening of the 8th to let him know it never updated and that I did not receive the package, just asking for an update. Maybe the seller wasn't able to drop it off or something?

I received a response back on the 9th, stating that he gave it to the post office on the 7th and that he only provides "Delivery Confirmation", not "tracking", but that it should be delivered that day.

I let him know in my response that Delivery Confirmation is now called USPS Tracking, that it changed last year, and that "it should have been scanned by now if they received it on the 7th, we're in the same county."

He replied to me that they don't scan it until it's out for delivery, and that he couldn't possibly be lying, because "I believe in God."

....... wat.

First off, I only told him he was incorrect and let him know the tracking changed.

Second off, are you kidding me? That's completely DISGUSTING to use your religion as a scapegoat for your own personal responsibility.

I know the post office sucks a lot, but he's likely shipping from less than 10 miles away, there's no reason it shouldn't have at least been scanned by now. Then again, USPS is terrible too. :/


Edit: Turns out that, although he told me he shipped it USPS Priority mail, he actually shipped it USPS Media Mail. Which explains why it took extra time and never got scanned. = _= So much for not possibly ever lying due to his love of God. (It wasn't goods that were supposed to be shipped media mail either, so I'm probably lucky I received it at all.)