July 2nd, 2014

Bad_service turned good.

Remember this? Just finally had some time now to call TWC to see what they could do about getting things sorted.

It worked.

Thanks, everyone, for your sound advice. I called, and the guy I talked to did a lot of thorough checking. Explained my bill got yanked so high because my promo ran out from when I'd signed up last year. Okay, but I can't afford $85 for standard internet. LOL He understood and did a lot of research to see what he could do to bring my bill down lower.

It's now $44.19 a month. He couldn't get my WiFi free anymore, it's only $4.95, which I can afford that.

The whole call took 20 minutes. Including hold time, including the little bit of time he had to put me on hold to figure out a code that Insight had put in Way back when I'd signed up, including the research he did. And he was thorough. I'm very pleased.
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