June 26th, 2014

Not sure if this is "bad_service," but. . . . .?

So, I have Time Warner for my internet service. I've had them for a year now, and I like their service (when it works). It's always been $37.25 a month, and I've been paying that consistently month after month. No questions, no arguments.

Well, I just got my invoice for the month and it was double what I've been paying. Uh . . . whut? So, I called and found out the hard way that there was a "recent decision to increase charges" for my area? I never got notice about that, and I told the guy. He goes, "Well, we sent notice out to all our customers." Uhm . . . I didn't receive one, or we wouldn't be having this conversation, sir. So, I guess I'm in the market for new internet service. Any recommendations? I live in Columbus, Ohio.
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I'm allergic to Sudefed. The one time I took it I got really bad hives. So clearly, me taking it is a bad idea. So, I have had this persistent cough for more than two weeks now. I can barely sleep because I can't stop coughing. The over the counter meds are doing nothing. So I make an appointment to get a prescription for something.

I'm in a new city, so I've only seen this doctor once before. But my allergy is on file. And she specifically asked me if I was allergic to any drugs and I told her. I was expecting a prescription for Codeine, which is what I've usually been given before for a long-lasting cough. Yet when I get my prescription filled, it is the generic for Mucinex D, which has Sudefed in it. Since the prescription was sent right to the pharmacy, so I didn't see it until I picked up the med. And now I'm flying out of town tomorrow for a week and have no way of getting back to the doctor to get a different prescription.

I just want to be able to sleep.