June 18th, 2014

broomstick, rory

Tumble Dryer Repair BS

To preface this, the repair was done. The bad service is the attitude.

A couple of weeks ago, our tumble dryer broke. More specifically, the door broke- it wouldn't stay shut and we were having to hold it closed with the coolbox. Clearly a wear and tear problem- we've had the thing for nearly three years and we tumble dry everything, since we live in a flat and have no garden for outdoor drying. At first, we thought it was the latch, so I tried to sort it out myself, but something was missing and we couldn't get the latch to stay put. So we called in the repair guy to help us figure out what was the problem.
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Summary: Call a guy to fix our tumble dryer door. Takes ages to order a new part, doesn't call to tell me when it came and then gives a condescending attitude when he comes to fit it.