June 17th, 2014

Pretty Tom


Dear Maintenance guy,

I get it, you don't want to talk to me. I said hello, asked you how you were, and if there was a problem, and you said hallo, ignored the second question, and said flat out, no, with no explanation to the third. Thank God someone told me you were coming yesterday, or I'd think I had a not-so-friendly neighborhood burglar who really liked the kitchen lights. Since then, you've said nothing to me.

But you know, if you're going to turn the power out, could you wait until I've finished in the bathroom* or least tell me what's going to happen? It has no windows, and no other light sources, so I'd like not to be peeing in the dark. If that's possible.

Also, you know, I might have other electronics and things in the apartment working that I'd like to shut down/switch off properly. Like printers. Computers. Fans. Lights. Please give me more notice than the light in the bathroom going out while I'm still on the bog.

I don't want a soliloquy but just let me know when you want to do something serious.


*Yes, he knew I was in there. Apartment very small, bathroom right by the kitchen.
mimi coffee

Missing package.

This is not quite bad service, but it is not fun to have a package that has been 'delivered' but it is nowhere to be found.

Quick Update 6/18/2014:

No package, but the US Postal Service has another day to contact me. Hoping the package turns up tomorrow, but at this point I am doubting it.

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