May 22nd, 2014

stana black and white sad

Update to Hospital bad service & additional police bad service. TW: rape/sexual assualt


I posted about a horrific and traumatic experience with my local hospital - I sent a complaint email to the hospital admin, threatening to go to the local news with my story, and unsurprisingly, I very quickly received several phone calls from hospital staff. I just hung up with the head of the ER at said hospital and he was very nice and very apologetic, surprisingly, and I was pleased with what he had to say. He basically said what happened to me was unacceptable and that he was going to recommend further SA training for all ER staff to the higher hospital admins, and that those staff members that had specifically hurt me (the intake nurse who shamed me for not coming in sooner, and the tech who berated me for vomiting in the wrong receptacle) would be reprimanded. So, I told him I'm fine with that, it's small potatoes compared to what I'm dealing with on the other end of this mess.

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