May 21st, 2014

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Dry cleaning drama

So, I am in a wedding party in two weeks and recently got my dress altered because I am Snooki-short. Looks gorgeous and perfect!

I decide to get it dry cleaned because, well, who wants a dirty dress? I bring it to the local place by my job and they say it will take a couple of days. I say that's fine because I will be around and able to pick it up whenever it is done. Since it is beaded, they have me sign a release allowing them to clean it, with no real explanation as to why. I figure this is standard, so I sign it.

I get a call Friday (when I am already having a bad day!) and find out some of the beads have come loose, but not noticeable. I say ok, I will be in Monday to get it. (I wasn't going to get back in time to pick it up)

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