May 16th, 2014


First Choice Haircutters WTF

So, today I went in for my usual 4-6 week trim, and decided to do something a little different. I asked for a Miley Cyrus-style undercut pixie (which is clipper-cut short on the back and sides, and long on top). When I asked the stylist if it would look okay on me, she said that the hair on top of my head was too short for the style, so I asked to have my hair cut somewhat longer on the sides and back so I could get an idea of the cut and then, when the top part of my hair grew out, decide if I wanted it clipped short. I gave her four photos, and then sat back.

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Horrifying Hospital "Service" (TW: for (somewhat graphic description of sexual assault) and rape)

So, last Wednesday I was sexually assaulted, in broad daylight, at a bus stop, with several other men nearby. I reported it to the police several days later (yes, I should have immediately, but I've been raped before and have PTSD and just sort of froze.) Anyway, the rest of the horror story continues once I seek treatment.

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Also: They have arrested my rapist! Worried for the trial, as I've never pressed charges before, but I've got enough support around me to be okay.