May 3rd, 2014


Messed up on the details....

Bought a car detailing Groupon a month ago for 8:30am an hour away in another town. Got up early, drove out there and arrived at 8:20am. Nobody there. Waited to 9am, nobody showed, nobody answered the phone -nothing. (It's important to note that I have a blocked caller ID and never left a message, the number they have on file is my husband's and not the phone I was calling with [he was there too]). I noticed while I was there a memo from the building owners had been sticking out of the mailbox (dated two days ago) and that their Twitter and Facebook page hadn't been updated in a month. Annoyed (and thinking the worst because companies have gone under before when I bought their Groupon) I came back and wrote Groupon asking for a refund.
I missed the call but I got a call from the place at 12 noon saying sorry about the appointment there had been a family emergency and they didn't have my number (the one I told them about when I booked the appointment).

I mean I can't fault them for an emergency but could no one come stick a note on the door? Or call my number (which they DID have because my number/name does not display on caller ID and besides they called the number I gave them not the number I called with). Am I being unreasonable thinking there should've been some notice? Or that this feels weird?

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