April 28th, 2014


Diner bad service turned good

Went to a diner here in NJ this past Friday with two of my friends. We started going to it a few months ago, after Friend #1 introduced me to the place, and we were both initially floored because the food was so amazing, particularly for a diner. Every time we've gone there since, however, things have steadily declined, and this time was the straw that broke the camel's hindquarters.

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A Rock-y Night

Saturday night, we headed out to a club to see the daughter of a very good friend who is playing in a band. We figured it would be a fun night out, and a way to catch up with her family who would also be there.

We're there for a half hour, when I decide to go to the back of the venue just to check out the score of the game - the back of venue is away from stage, and is a sort of separate area with TVs, pool tables, and less crowded. While we are there, we figure we'll get another drink - we've only had one each at this point - since there is no line at that bar at all. In fact, there is no one at that bar at all except the bartender who is deep in conversation with someone - either a friend or a co-worker, definitely not a patron.

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Remember this?

I posted this a few days ago about a cashier in my local supermarket:

"I went to the local supermarket to pick up a sandwich before work today and was served by a cashier who never looked at me, never spoke to me or anything. She simply scanned the sandwich and held out her hand to receive my money. You know why? She was far too busy talking to the cashier next to her. To make matters worse, the other cashier was also serving and also paying her customer very little attention."

Well, I went again today with my mum. Before I could stop her, my mum went to this cashier's line. My mum told me to put the stuff on the conveyor belt while she went to get an item she forgot. As I was loading up the conveyor, the cashier was talking to another colleague at the customer information desk.

Not again, I thought. I carried on unloading the basket. She was still talking. I carried on. And she was still talking. She kept glancing towards me but she still didn't care to stop talking. After I'd unloaded, I just stood there waiting and she STILL didn't stop talking. My mum came back at that point. She glanced around, sighed, said to her colleague, "I'll speak to you in a minute" and served us. She wasn't rude when she was serving us but inside I was fuming and I think it showed on my face. And you know what? I didn't feel bad about it.

This is TWICE now, and I'm seriously thinking of complaining (I've got her name and I can give a brief description if necessary) because really? You're paid to serve customers, not talk to your colleagues! I don't mind colleagues chatting to each other but when you've got a customer? No. Sorry but that's just plain bloody wrong.