April 16th, 2014

Hy-Vee Grocery Store Cashier and Easter

I live in the Midwest where the majority of people observe the Catholic or Christian religion. When it's time for a Catholic/Christian holiday, the stores and businesses go all out to make sure their employees use the right terminology ("Merry Christmas" NOT "Happy Holidays") and, in some fashion or other, Jesus is on display visually. I have grown up here and am very used to this - I really don't get too fussed by other people's religious preferences and tune most of it out. Live and let live.

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Several days attack

WTF Service Turned Good... I HOPE!

I have a big birthday coming up.  I don't want to say, but let's just say it starts with a 3 and ends with a 0.  Because I never get the cake I want, I decided to go my local Baskin-Robbins to order delicious, delicious ice cream, chocolate crumble, fudge-y goodness myself.

I wanted to make sure that I ordered in with plenty of time to have them make a custom cake (the last time I got one at the last second, I had to choose blindly from their freezer & got ice cream + cake, without chocolate crumbles or fudge - even tho the server assured me it would have crumble bits in it - & the cake was terribly freezer-burned), so I called around March 15th just to ask how long ahead of time I should order a custom cake to give the store enough time to complete the order.  The gentleman on the phone (the manager, I believe) said "2-3... 4 days."  While that answer didn't give me the greatest confidence, I thought "Hey I'll give them 4 days, which is the top number he gave me, & there won't be any problem."

I went in yesterday to place my order for the party this Saturday.  When I said I wanted to order a custom cake, the young lady behind the counter went in back & brought out an older gentleman, whose voice I recognized as the same person I'd spoken to on the 15th immediately.  I repeated my reason for coming in & he said, "Oh.  No, I don't think we can possibly do that."

I was floored.  I came in within the window of time, giving him the longest amount of time he speculated the store would need despite him listing 3 different day amounts within LITERALLY 2 seconds.  I told him that I had called & he had said they would only need 4 days, which I had accommodated.  He didn't deny he was the person I had spoken to on the phone, even though, really, I was making an assumption that it was him by his voice (& the fact that he's the only older male I've ever seen working there... really one of the only men at that particular location, which I visit a lot because it's on my route from a major highway I take on the regular).  All he said was: "the woman who makes cakes came in yesterday.  We were out of cakes yesterday.  If you had come in yesterday...."

Finally, he took a coupon from the counter in order to take down my order.  He barely listened to what I wanted on the cake, didn't ask if I wanted cake & ice cream or just ice cream, assuming I wanted cake & writing down chocolate cake despite my insistence on wanting ice cream only.  I tried to order chocolate ice cream & chocolate chip mint, only to learn Baskin-Robbins custom cakes are either cake & a (limited) choice of ice cream flavors, or chocolate & vanilla ice cream with delicious crumbly chocolate fudge bits that were the whole reason for my going to Baskin-Robbins in the first place, so I ordered a 1/2 sheet "Over the Hill" cake with vanilla & chocolate ice cream.

I was so flustered by the insistence that 4 days wasn't long enough that I didn't even have him try to put "Happy Birthday" or my name on the cake.  I didn't want to continue the interaction with him any longer than I had to - it seemed like a HUGE inconvenience for him & he would much rather have me pick up a generic cake from the freezer again (he said so, in different words of course).  He said he would see what he could do & call me if there was a problem.

After talking to my Dad, I decided to call the store today & make SURE that we'd have a cake from them on Saturday.  Otherwise, we'd have to order from another Baskin-Robbins or Coldstone Creamery IMMEDIATELY so I'd get my birthday dessert of choice.  We made a plan of attack that included calling corporate if they couldn't comply with the time frame they'd specified, all of which turned out to be moot.

I got told today that they would definitely have the cake made for me, as requested, by Saturday at 4:30pm.

NOW.... let's just hope it actually is.  *Fingers crossed*

TL;DR - Manager at Baskin-Robbins tells me if I want to order a custom cake, I need to give him 4 days notice.  When I come in to order the cake, he tells me that I should have given him more time & tries to get me to take a pre-made cake from the freezer instead of getting the one I want.

Not BAD service, but still a WTF that made my blood boil for at least an hour afterwards.  It could still turn out badly too; I just won't know until Saturday after we all have dinner at a place that doesn't take reservations (even for parties of 11+ people).  I think this birthday is cursed. Just had to vent.

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Just letting you guys know that Hamee/Strapya.com is a site you might not want to order from. Last time I ordered from them was a few years ago, and I had no problem. The items were shipped quickly and they were really nice.

I ordered some cellphone charms from them on the 26th of March, got them a week later and really enjoyed them, but that's not the problem. The problem is they've been playing around with my baking.

On the 26th, they took out the amount: $27.34 for my order. But for some reason, it was refunded back on April 02. (I wasn't sure at first it was them until I looked deeper into it, because the name was strange. The name listed says BERITORANS for both. It just confused me as to why they would refund me). Then, today I check my account (which I'm glad I did) and it says I have an overdraft $26.72 because STRAPYA.COM randomly decided to take $27.00 from my account on the 14th of April. And I had maybe a bit less than a dollar there because I'm between pays.

So, now I'm just confused. Do I go to the bank and dispute this or what? I can't call Hamee/Strapya themselves because their website only offers a Japanese phone number. There is no email, unless I'm blind and can't find it.

Also, my friend Lilli ordered something from them back in February and never got it. They do say that they are not responsible for lost mail if you do not request the extra postage for a tracker. So, either they've declined in service since I last ordered, or something's going on. She's since taken it up with paypal since that's 14 some dollars she paid for an item she did not receive. I can't really speak for her about this, since that's the only details I know. All I can say is, I'm not ordering from them again.

Edit: Okay, so I get that the first initial charge may have been pending, hence the refund. It's just confusing to me due to the different bank names/time periods. My bad. I'm not saying they can't have their money if that's the case. I checked their website about how they do charges on a credit (my card is a visa debit, so I can use it like a credit card), but it doesn't say anything about pending charges/my bank account itsself also didn't say the charge was pending. Maybe this isn't bad service and I'm just confused, I don't know.

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