April 9th, 2014



I should note that the store in question isn't a toy store, it's a place that sells order-made furniture. But I found this really cool giraffe plushie there and decided to buy it for my friend's birthday.

The stock was in the back room, so I got in line and asked the cashier for it. He told me to wait, skipped me, and helped the next person in line. The next customer had a furniture order, the whole transaction took more than thirty minutes. In those thirty minutes the cashier barely acknowledged my existence. I had friends waiting for me outside who were (naturally) getting pretty impatient. I also have a bad leg and can't stay standing for extended periods of time. This is pretty obvious, as I am wearing a leg brace and using a crutch to support myself.

Finally after 30+ minutes, the customer finishes his transaction, the cashier turns to me and rings up the plushie without any apology. When I went to pay I slipped on my crutch and dropped 500 yen (about 5 dollars!) which went under the counter and presumably into the cashier's area. He makes absolutely no effort to pick it up, and without missing a beat, asks for full price when I bring the coin I dropped to his attention. I was pretty much fed up and wanted to get out of there so just left it at that, but really?

tl;dr It is not okay to skip customers even if the next customer has a bigger transaction. & Please don't steal money.