April 5th, 2014

Never Fading

Update on Comcast Catastrophe

I called again Thursday and twice I connected but there was no response and then I got a busy signal. So I gave up.

Then on Friday I got a response from my FB post. Long talk via FB and they called me to set up a new tech appointment.

Tech came out. Said there was a problem with my signals and replaced a bunch of cables and splitters. He had never heard of my problem. Saw my recordings. Did a bunch more tech stuff and we hope the problem is solved. Since it is random we won't know. We both didn't want to replace my DVR if we didn't have to.

Oh and he came early! Really nice. So I am happy now. But such a lot of trouble! Still really odd.

Lalo Arms

McDonalds Breakfast Fail

My SO and I dropped my brother off at his work at 4am and decided to go to McDonalds. We got to McDonalds around 4:05am. When we pulled up, we asked, "Are you all serving breakfast yet?" The girl replied yes. We ordered 2 sausage muffins, a bacon egg and cheese biscuit, 2 hash browns and a drink.

When we pulled around and paid, the girl handed us the drink and receipt. She said it would be a few minutes on the hash browns. After about 10 minutes, the same girl came to the window and set a bag down, then she walked away. We were thinking it was our order but she didn't open the window and give us our food.

We thought maybe it was the other food and she was still waiting on our hash browns. After 15 minutes, still no food. We saw several workers walking around, stocking things, but none of them ever looked our way or acknowledged us.

After 20 minutes, I am telling my SO to get a refund and we'll just leave because it's ridiculous. (No one was ahead of us. There was only 1 car behind us with 1 passenger who we could tell was getting frustrated too) A few minutes later, we saw the girl who took our money. She turned around and shouted "I CAN'T MAKE MY CUSTOMERS WAIT ANY LONGER!" angrily to someone in the back. (Assuming it was a cook, but who knows?")

Few minutes later, she comes to the window and apologizes. She says that the muffin warmer had just gotten turned on and it would be another 5 minutes for the sausage muffins or they could just give us sausage biscuits because the biscuits were ready now. We opted for the sausage biscuits so we could go.

But yet it takes 5 more minutes.They ended up giving us the sausage muffins, even though we told them we'd take the biscuits 5 minutes ago so we could leave. Both of the sausage muffins were fresh. The rest of the food was cold, from just sitting there that whole time.

Obviously they were not prepared for breakfast yet. I wish they would have just told us that from the get go. We would have ordered something else.

The receipt said we paid at 4:07am. We didn't get out of there until 4:35am.

(Edited for spelling)
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