March 25th, 2014

Ulame Pell sharing breath

*MOD POST* Comment rules

Hi All

I think I should reiterate the comments policy after a poster here started freezing/locking threads:

#1) Leave comments enabled, unfrozen and unscreened on all posts. Allow commenting on your post. Do not delete or screen comments. To further clarify: You may delete your entire post. You may not delete your own comments, whether you are the OP or a commenter in a post. You are not allowed to delete or screen comments from others. If there is a problem, then notify a moderator with a link to the comment. There is an open post here for your use. As well, private messages can usually be sent to the mods through via profile through the “send message” feature.

Here are the rules again, they are also on the profile page, please be sure to read, familiarize and follow them:

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