March 23rd, 2014

it mocks me

The W Hair Salon in Hollywood FL

Cross posted from Yelp:

First, let me say that Kenna is awesome! I highly recommend her hair color and cutting services. I only got color-which was exactly what I wanted!- but she was doing a haircut between and it turned out fantastic too. Kenna was almost as excited to see how my color turned out as I was. You can tell she is passionate about her work. She even gave me her card to get 20% off for next time and told me to call if I have any questions or concerns. A+++

Now secondly, Sonny, the owner, he's another story. He double booked both his stylists and then after putting dye in his own clients hair he just left without seeing the results. He didn't even tell the other stylists anything. The poor girl's hair turned out to be the wrong color and when Kenna called to get him to come back, he apparently told her he'd just be back in an hour to take care of it.

He also randomly sent another client over to get a keratin treatment and with the expectations it would get started right away and he'd be back to finish it without telling the other stylists! Luckily after only about 20 minutes the other stylist working with Kenna (I think her name was Jury?) finished one client so she added toner to help fix the girl's color Sonny botched and put in the keratin treatment for the other client.

I left when it had been more than the hour Sonny said and he still wasn't back. Thankfully none of the clients were too upset (the other stylist calmed down the girl with the bad dye job) so while things were a little crazy, it wasn't uncomfortable.


I really can't believe THE OWNER could act like this. And from Kenna's reaction, stuff like this happens often. I'm happy with my services, but for sure I will only see Kenna if I go back.