February 25th, 2014

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So this wasn't horrid service, but it was funny and left me kind of scratching my head.

My fiance and I went to the movies yesterday afternoon to see the Ride Along. About halfway through the movie, I finished my pop (Sprite!) and went out to buy another one and some candy. Bought them, and went and sat back in the movie. Took one sip of the Sprite, and it was just soda water.

So I went back up, with a full cup still.

Me: "Hey sorry, I just bought a Sprite and I don't think the Sprite is working properly, because it's just carbonated water."
Girl: "It's working."
Me: "Okay.. well, this is just carbonated water"
Girl: "I'll go check."

she went to the back and a few minutes later came up and said,

Girl: "I just looked. It's working, there's nothing wrong with it."
Me: "Okay, well this one is just carbonated water"
Girl: "What do you want?"
Me: "Well, I'd still like Sprite, if it's working"

So she dumped the cup and refilled it, I took a sip.

Me: "Nope, still just carbonated water."
Girl: "But it's working."
Me: "You can try a sip if you want, it's just carbonated water."
Girl: "Okay, I don't get it - what do you want?"

Me: ........ "A coke."

I just thought it was funny. How can you tell just by looking if Sprite is working?? Sprite = clear. Carbonated water = clear. She was so adamant that the machine was working and that I had Sprite, but if she had taken one sip, she'd see it's just soda water and the flavor is missing.
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WTF Service from Pizza Hut

So this wasn't necessarily "bad" service, but it was definitely uncalled for, and the whole situation really made me think "well, this was weird."

I ordered pizza online at about 5:10pm on Sunday. The Pizza Hut is about 5 miles from my house. I get a confirmation E-mail saying it will be delivered around 6:30pm. Wow, ok, guess they're really busy. I wasn't that hungry yet, so I didn't worry about it. He showed up around 6pm, which was really weird since I wasn't expecting him yet. No call to say he was going to be early (this isn't a suck necessarily, since I was happy to get my food earlier than I expected...I just wonder what would have happened if I had decided to go do something since they said the pizza would have been delivered an hour and a half from when I ordered it). Just ignore that bit...I wasn't really thinking when I put that in there, and everyone who's commented is completely right. I've literally never had that happen before so it was new territory to me and it caught me off-guard.

That alone wouldn't have made me post. At this time, I'll take the opportunity to say I'm 24 years old, 5'1", and have a baby face. I look reasonably young, and I am home alone. So I answer the door when he knocks, and as he's about to hand me the receipt to sign (I'm reaching for the receipt), he pulls the receipt back and says, "Hold on, little girl, are your parents at home?" Oh HELL no. I just glared at him and took the receipt, since I didn't really want to say, "Actually, I don't live with my parents" which might open it up to "yes, I am here alone and defenseless." It was meant to be a joke but it was really unnecessary and made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

What really surprised me is that he had "Team Manager" on his name badge, and he was dressed in all black like managers often do in those kind of places, so I was super "WTF? You're a manager and you say stuff like that?"

Not the worst service in the world, but it was obnoxious.