February 19th, 2014

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CVS birth control wtf?

So, last night I went to my regular CVS to pick up several prescriptions, one was the pill, the other was a script for Percocet. I dropped off the written RX for the Percocet with no issue and then went to wait for both to be ready.

When my name was called and I got ready to check out, the pharmacist, (the same one who took/processed the Percocet RX when I dropped it off,) told me he needed to see ID for the birth control. At first I thought he meant for the Percocet, which would make sense since it's obviously controlled and addictive, but nope, he said it was for the birth control. ..... what? This guy wasn't a tech either, he was a pharmacist. I was livid - he obviously knew it wasn't the morning after pill (I would still be livid about that, but w/e.)

I had literally just come from the ER where I spent 7 hours being diagnosed with a kidney infection, so I had 0 energy to speak up, but I know I should have. I showed him my ID (which he spent about 5 minutes scrutinizing since it's a temporary, paper state ID.)

What's the best way to go about reporting this? I don't even think it's legal. I hate thinking about how many underage women this guy has refused meds to. :/

EDIT: well, this post was a hot mess, but as an update, the supervising pharmacist spoke to the dude about it and he denied even asking for my ID ... so yeah. I might look into reporting it elsewhere, as I am concerned about this man keeping young women from basic healthcare, but I think I've gone as far as I can with CVS, unless I go corporate, which I'm not sure I have the energy to do.