February 16th, 2014


Bad Service from ISP

First time poster.

Our router finally gave up the ghost last week and my husband called our internet service provider. After doing some over the phone diagnostics, they concluded our router was bad due to some manufacturer defect and said they could send a replacement or we could go into the local store ourselves. My husband decided to go into the store directly. He came home with a new router, the internet was faster, and he even told me excitedly we'd managed to get a lower rate. Cool.

Yesterday, husband logged into our account to pay the bill, and noticed it was $75 more than usual, no discount at all. Husband called the ISP, and got a CSR who said that $35 was an installation fee and $40 was an equipment fee for taking back the router. He was polite, but firm in reminding them that he brought the box home from the store and installed it himself, and that the original box was deemed faulty by their own diagnostics.

The CSR said that the $35 was a "convenience fee" to make sure router was installed correctly--huh?-- and that the equipment fee is necessary to dispose of old equipment in environmentally responsible ways--again, huh?--before my husband disclosed his occupation as an attorney and explained how this policy circumvents the contract he signed, basic fact (how can they charge us an installation fee when they didn't install anything?) and why it all isn't legal.

But the final insult came when my husband said he just wanted to pay his bill, and was told that an updated bill would not be available for 10 days. The CSR said our only option was to pay the full amount of the bill and then wait for the difference to be credited against our next bill. Husband said he would wait for the actual bill, and CSR told him that we'd get dinged by paying late. Husband, fed up, insisted on speaking to a supervisor.

The supervisor he was transferred to apparently took care of it, but I still can't believe how poorly trained the CSR for this company proved to be.