February 14th, 2014

Pretty Tom

(Minor) Bad Service from Yours Clothing


I placed an order back in (very) October, which contained amongst other things, a necklace. It was a pretty drop chain necklace, with dangly things off a central ring, and I liked it. It was a bit fancy, though, so I wore it once over Christmas, put it away again, and then wore it again today.

Aaaaand... it broke.

IDK how - but the ring itself is snapped in two, and there's no way to fix it. Not without a jewellery workshop or something.

And I'm pretty pissed. Two wears? That's all I get out of it? I mean, I'm not expecting it to last years and years, but two times is just ridiculous.

I would like a refund or an exchange (don't think I'll get that because it was in the sale), and rather than call them - on an expensive number, no less - I decide to live chat with the company first.

The first time, I'm in the queue for two minutes, forty seconds or so, and then I get a lady Vicky talking to me. She asks "Hi, how can I help you?" I explain my problem and ...

She never replies.

I wait for ten minutes, occasionally poking with a Hallo?

So wonderful. I go through it again, get a wait of 17 seconds, and am now talking to a Victoria....Um. Okay. Co-incidence maybe. Get the same "Hi, how can I help you?" thing, explain my problem again...

And get twenty minutes of silence.

And this is supposed to be better than phoning?

Call them up, get their shitty phone messages which say something like, "All our operators are busy at the moment, please continue - " *and then it would return to ringing sounds. Then the message, cut off and returned to ringing sounds again. and then cut off midsentence, which was... interesting... And finally get through to a person who gives me the right advice.

I'm just a little frustrated because urgh. Seriously. Half an hour waiting on live chat combined, just to end up calling a number anyway? Not great, thank you.

*edit: whoops, didn't explain that well.