January 25th, 2014

Optimus Bails

2nd letter to Shirt.Woot customer service...

Edited: ...because comments were made and I am a total punctuation nazi and I noticed where I'd goofed. Thanks for catching my brain fart, folks. I've fixed the sentence.

long time reader/lurker, first time posting.

In which an order is made and up to this point have been very trusting and received excellent service from a reputable vendor. Sadly, being that the situation feels a bit FUBAR, excuses are made and I'm far too patient for my own good before I actually do anything about it....

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.....now lets see if this actually works this time around... I'd hate to have to wait another month before I get my hoodie or worse, be told it's a lost cause (but then I'd hope for a refund or there will be hell to pay).
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I'm not sure if this is actual bad service or just a misunderstanding, and I'd really like to hear some thoughts on it.:)

I have a few tattoos already, and I want to get a few more.  I know what I want, and sketched out a few ideas to take with me.  I went to a tattoo shop recommended by a friend.

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Dude, no one asked for your opinion...

Okay, so this is really kind of a mix of c_s and b_s, but I'm mostly posting the b_s because, uh... WOW.

Last night, I was taking the last Green Route* back "home" (in quotes because, well, a homeless shelter isn't much of a "home" but that's beside the point. Ahem.) I also happened to be riding with a fairly large group of black (RELEVANT) teenagers who were being loud, disruptive, and just generally, well, obnoxious: running around on the bus, pulling the chime cord when they weren't getting off, playing loud music, using profanity, etc... (aka the c_s part of this story.)
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Really... really tempted to post about this on Transit's Facebook page. Not that it will do anything (people have been complaining about this driver since last summer, and he hasn't even gotten so much as a slap on the wrist,) but at least it will get the story out there...

Anyway. I hope this isn't too convoluted or hard to follow x_x I am ridiculous amounts of tired right now and just hoping that everything makes sense...

*Galesburg Public Transit has four bus lines: Red, Green, Blue, and Gold.