January 20th, 2014

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Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

My mother has been looking for a dog, and found one she liked at Big Fluffy Dog Rescue. She put in an application, was approved, and went to meet the dog a couple days ago with my father and sisters (I don't live with them and had to work, so I wasn't able to go with them). The whole family loved the dog, and agreed to take him. The contract was signed, the fee was paid, and supposedly everything was all set for them to pick him up. She went out yesterday and bought a dog bed and toys. Yesterday she received a call from the rescue agency saying the foster family was concerned and wasn't sure they were the right family for this dog because they were "quiet" and "most people who adopt dogs from them are excited". The dog came from an abusive background and was still very shy and nervous, which they knew about, so they were being intentionally quiet and subdued so they wouldn't frighten him. My mother explained and the lady said she'd tell the foster family and that they sounded like a good fit. She was annoyed, but still eager to get this dog.

She emailed the foster family asking when would be a good time to pick him up, and if there was any particular food he was used to so she could get the same brand for him, a question they never answered even though she asked multiple times. They told her any time after 6:30pm today was ok. At around 11 or 12 this afternoon she got a call from BFDR saying that the foster family had chosen to keep the dog, and because they had priority, the dog was theirs. Again, she had paid the fee, signed the contract - this wasn't just a dog she had seen and expressed interest in, she had put time, money and effort into this particular dog and up until now had no reason to believe she wouldn't be allowed to take him. Supposedly they'll refund her, but what the hell.

EDIT: My cousin posted on their facebook about what happened and they deleted it. I'm getting more and more disgusted with this organization. For the people asking about the contract, I'm not sure. I asked her and she said she isn't sure off hand, and doesn't really care. At this point she's just hoping to get her money back so she can look elsewhere.
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Fast Food wtf

I recently went to a fast food restaurant and I witnessed a suck that I will probably think about for the rest of my life. I was waiting in line to order when it was the turn of the guy in front me. He signed what I recognized to be, "I'm deaf" and handed a piece of paper to the young guy working the cash register, which, I assume, had his order on it. The guy at the register proceeded to shout in a very loud voice, "What am I supposed to do with this? I have to read this and do what? How am I supposed to tell him the total? Man!" The guy in front of me was deaf but was clearly aware of what was happening and had a mortified look on his face. After what felt like at least 3 or 4 minutes of the employee ranting about the strangeness of having to take a written order while inputting the order, he SCREAMED the total in the man's face. The customer took out his card and paid with his face blood red. When it was my turn to order, it took everything in me not to do something horrible, but I told him he was very rude. I'm sure my food had spit in it but it was worth it.
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(no subject)

My mum and her boyfriend have been together for two years. He decided to buy her some flowers and had them delivered to her place of work. They had been delivered at 11:00am but she didn't receive them till 4:00. You see, rather than take the box to reception, he decided to throw them over the scaffolding on the one side of the building. A workman found the box lying on the ground at 4:00, took it to reception and my mum finally got them. They were fine, thankfully! But my mum's boyfriend is going to complain anyway. Because seriously, thats fucking disgusting.