January 16th, 2014

  • klauses

Bus driver

I'll admit that I only caught the last part of this conversation because I had my headphones on before I noticed shit was going down.

I'm riding the bus home and two elderly, slow moving women with canes board, sitting in the seats reserved for those with disabilities near the front of the bus. I see one women pull the stop request cord and the driver rolls right past the next stop. Whatever, it's even happened to me a few times, I just ask the driver to stop and s/he will let me off wherever. At this point I turn my iPod off and the women are trying to get the driver's attention; he's just completely ignoring them.

He drives to the next stop, including going through a busy four-lane intersection. The women approach him, asking "Why didn't you stop before?" and he says "Why didn't you stay seated until I stopped like I told you to?" I didn't see them stand up while the bus was moving but maybe I missed it. As they're exiting, he yells goodbye in a sarcastic tone.

The stops were about 600 metres apart and, as I said, the women couldn't walk very quickly so I hope they didn't have an appointment or something.
  • genno

mild wtf?

Why would you, a server at a restaurant, ask everyone if they wanted more drinks, and then ask one person if they were driving when they asked for another? I wasn't really mad at first, but it was weird to be called out like that, especially since it was a work dinner. I felt like some sort of drunk. :\