January 13th, 2014



This is the same place and same staff member as in this post: http://bad-service.livejournal.com/3149729.html

This one is worse.

I was in the shop with my youngest son (2.5) just buying milk. Youngest has been grumpy since he woke up and is trying to demand everything in sight. I steer him away from the sweets and apologise.

Me: Sorry, he's got the 'I wants' today.
Cashier: Give him a smack round the head then.
Me: Excuse me? (Seriously, did he just tell me to hit my child?)
Cashier: Give him a smack round the head then.
Me: I.. think I'll just get him to nap early...

I left then, maybe I should have said more, but I was speechless!


I ordered some shoes online - trying to find wider sizes is hard - but when they arrived there was a problem. They put in two left shoes! Only one of which was the correct size!

Luckily they provide free shipping for returns. I just had to laugh!

Edit: This was from zappos.com - I'll wait to pass judgment until I see how the other pairs I ordered turn out!