January 9th, 2014

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I signed up for healthcare in December through Carefirst. I created an online account and paid my premium on Dec 31, even though it isn't actually due until January 15. And though the premium is technically not due yet, my effective coverage date was January 1. It says this on my online account and on the letter they sent me.

I haven't received an ID card yet, which I understand could take a little while because they've got a lot of new subscribers, so when I called my orthopedist and they offered me a much earlier appointment than I expected, I asked them what I should do if my card hasn't arrived. They told me it wouldn't be a problem, that they can accept a printout from the Carefirst website. Only the Carefirst website tells me they can't find an ID card matching my account. Ok, probably still hasn't been done up (even though I have my member number, the doctor can't take just the number). I also have a prescription that's been called in for me that I'd really like to pick up, but it's $70 without my insurance and about $12 with it, so I want something to show the pharmacy.

Here's the bad part: Carefirst doesn't show a phone number on their website. They have a "communication center" where you can email them, so I did that on Monday. They say it'll take up to 48 hours, but they still haven't responded. And as far as calling, it says "call the number listed on your ID card". Well, since my problem is that I don't have an ID card yet, that makes it difficult. I googled a number and have called them multiple times and every time I get a message that says "due to unusually high call volume, we are unable to take your call" and hangs up on me. I would gladly stay on hold for an hour if it meant I could have a shot at talking to someone, but it won't give me any kind of option.
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Potentially bad service?

I placed an order on DisneyStore.com on January 1st. I have ordered from this site before, no problem whatsoever. I received and email on the 3rd saying my order is on the way and gave me a link to track my package. I clicked on the link and at that time there was no info. Clicked the next day and see that a shipping label has been created and when the shipment arrives at their facility the tracking status will be updated. We are now on January 9th and the website says the SAME thing. So, I decide to call the Customer Service number. I enter in my tracking number and it says basically the same thing, but this time explaining that a label was created but UPS has not received the package and to contact the shipper. (This was all automated. I called to late to get a representative.) The website I ordered from says the order has shipped and the order is now closed. This is getting frustrating and I'm also getting nervous. Part of my order is a gift for a baby shower next week, I anticipated having my order by now and I'm afraid that it is lost for good and that neither UPS or DisneyStore.com is going to do anything about it and will send me on some runaround between the two.