January 3rd, 2014

Carmen Hiding

Judging Emergency Vet

This happened back in 2008, but it's stuck with me. I love cats, and I've had a minimum of one cat (usually more) since I was 3 years old. In 2008 I had just adopted two kittens. They were brother (Lyre) and sister (Lyric). This was the first time I'd had cats when not living with my mom and dad. Anyway, everything went great for two weeks. Then one night around 10:00 pm I heard a crash, and Lyre wouldn't stop crying. He also wouldn't put any weight on one hind leg. I was facing the other way, and to this day I have no idea exactly what happened. Best guess, he fell off the dining room table and landed wrong. I freaked out and burst into tears, but I was still thinking clearly enough to look up an emergency vet on the internet. (I was new in the area, so I didn't know where to find one.) I put Lyre in his carrier and took him to the vet. On my way a friend called on the phone and calmed me down so I didn't arrive in tears. I filled out some papers and they examined Lyre and took x-rays.

After examining him a woman came out with the x-rays. Before she showed them to me she asked questions about where I was and what I was doing when Lyre had his accident. She also kept glaring at me. Finally she showed me the x-ray. Lyre had a broken leg at a growth plate. This caused me to burst into tears again. The woman looked at me, still glaring, and said in a flat voice, "Yes, it is upsetting." Her tone and whole attitude implied that she wanted to say, "It's upsetting, but it's your own fault." I have no idea why she seemed to think it was my fault Lyre was hurt. Maybe I should have been watching him more closely, but as soon as I knew there was a problem I rushed him to the emergency vet! It just really rubbed me the wrong way. You don't imply to a customer who's sobbing about their hurt pet that it's their fault. A smile might have helped too. (By the way, Lyre haled just fine. His leg sticks out a bit, but I don't think he notices.)

(As a side note my regular vet was AWESOME throughout this! They talked to me on the phone numerous times, calmed my worries, and once stayed open late so I could get some medicine for Lyre.)

As a bonus I added some photos under the cut: Lyre then, Lyre now, and his sister Lyric.
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Bank suck

I've been back and forth for a while debating in my head if this is bad service, and decided to post here to get your opinions on the matter.

Background: I belong to a local credit union that my parents have had accounts with since I was little. I now have my own checking and savings accounts there, and direct deposit my paycheck into my checking. When I signed up, I was told that when my paycheck is deposited, I would have full access to all of those funds and be able to withdraw at any ATM. (This is relevant to my suspected bad service.)

Long story short, my paycheck was deposited two Fridays ago and read as over $700 in my account. However, my banking app and the bank website told me that only $400 of it was available for use. I figured that it needed maybe 24 hours to catch up with what I'd been told, and waited that extra time, only to still see that it was listing only $400 as available for use. I needed to pay rent, so I was going to withdraw the majority of it out so I could pay, and knew I had a bit of time (about a week) before rent was due. I was checking it every day, and it never changed to show the full amount in my account as available for use.

This concerned me, so I decided to try withdrawing as much as I could from the ATM at my work (not affiliated with the credit union). It came up "invalid pin" so I called the 1-800 number on the back of my card and verified with someone who worked at the bank that my pin was correct and I was using the right pin. They also told me that the ATM at work was not recognized by the bank or the bank card and suggested I try an ATM somewhere else. I took that advice and have now tried at least 4 different ATMs in 4 different locations, all of which still come up "invalid pin" and won't allow my withdrawal.

I finally went into a branch today when I had some time, and spoke with a teller about my problem. She gave me the amount I'd been trying to withdraw through the ATM as a regular withdrawal and when I asked what she could do about my ATM problems, she flippantly suggested that I call the 1-800 number (which I'd told her about already doing). Then when I reminded her gently that I had already done that, she said "Oh, we can send you out a new completely random pin but you wouldn't be able to change it after we do that at all." I don't see the point of doing that when I'd set my pin up to be something I could remember, and after all, what is the point of them resetting my pin if I can't put it later as something I can remember? I'd just have to keep running it as credit or going into a branch, which is very out of my way (across town, not near where I work, only open during the hours I work, etc.) I'm at the point that I want to change my direct deposit and primary checking account to somewhere else because of this tomfoolery.

To me, this seems bad service or at least a suck/annoyance, but what do you think, b_s?

Annoying Set-up/Policy (or I'm just annoyed!)

I've debated back and forth on whether this is bad *service*, or not, but it's starting to really annoy me.

There are 3 local (non-chain) restaurants that don't have baby changing tables. Not in the restroom, not in the hall, not anywhere.

I've asked the hostess in 2 of the restaurants, and received a semi-flippant "Oh, we don't have those." One place suggested the restroom floor. Thankfully, the weather's been decent so I've taken my daughter out to the car quickly, but now that the brunt of winter's hitting (-40F windchill Monday, eek!), I don't see that as much of an option right now.

If this isn't bad service/policy, I'll delete. My thought was it belonged because it's costing them business, albeit not much, because I'm specifically choosing not to go there due to their not having changing tables.

And, for the record, these are kid-welcome restaurants. Not Chuck E Cheese or Red Robin-esque, but certainly not bars or high-end places.