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So my tires are a bit low in the front. I went to the local gas station that I always go to, to put air in them. I haven't had to put air in any tires in about 2 years. When I looked at the nozzle to put on the tire to pump it, it looked funny. It was capped off but there was another hole that obviously would not be where the air comes out because the angle we'd have to be at is part of the equipment would have to be IN the tire.
There was no "out of service sign".
So I go inside to seek help from an employee... a woman who has worked there for over 10 years and i used to go there every morning to get a Surge soda on my way to my school bus stop.. she has always been known to be jekyll and hyde with her moods. So I asked her very politely if she could show me how to use it because it looks different (and no, there were no directions on it other than an arrow showing where to put the money in).

she snapped at me "no, i wouldn't know", there are 2 other people working there so i ask "well, can you see if someone else knows." she got nasty and snapped "NO! it's SELF-SERVE!". self serve or not.. you don't snap at someone like that. the store wasn't busy, and she was standing there with her arms folded and looked as if i was bothering her.

im quite sure she knows how to use it. working there over 10 years and the air pump has always been there... i doubt she hasn't used it at least once. even IF she didn't know how... just because it's "self serve" does not mean she couldn't help me. the gas pumps are self serve, if someone didn't know how to use the gas pumps she would need to show them. if there was no way anyone could help me, that would be fine... but she blew me off and snapped at me.

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