December 19th, 2013

  • charuby

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I was doing some shopping and picked up a Christmas card and some chocolate. I got to the till. She told me the amount and I went to pay her in loose change since it was weighing down my purse. It turned out I was 50p short. I apologised, scooped up the change off the counter, and proceeded to pay by card instead. But the woman loudly exclaimed that she doesn't have time for this, and that another customer wants her help now. I'm not sure what this other customer wanted, but gee, it's so nice to know that they're evidently more important than I am. I said sorry again. In the meantime, another cashier took care of me, and I was able to finish paying. By this time, two more women had queued up. I said that I was sorry for holding them up. I was ignored. When I was leaving, someone said, "After all that, she paid by card!"

I felt humiliated, but also guilty. I mean, I know I messed up and ended up wasting time. But I tried apologising and no one wanted to accept my apology.