December 17th, 2013

Independent Living Aids, LLC

So my father has late stages Alzheimer's, and he is also legally blind. As such, he has a talking watch which he uses constantly. We typically have a back up in case something happens to his watch, but due to a suck on our part we did not have one. So the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, his watch broke. Which is a crisis.

I went on line to find him a watch and found one on Price was reasonable, but since I needed it right away I paid for overnight delivery, which made it very expensive. The website said that as long as the order was received by 1 pm it would be processed the same day. It was 11 am when I ordered it, so no problem.

The first strange thing was that I did not get a confirmation email after I placed the order, which is typical with on line orders. But I hoped everything was OK. Since I had used my debit card for payment, the next day there was a hold on my account for the amount of the purchase so I was happy to see that. Except the next day the watch did not arrive. Alright, it's the day before Thanksgiving, I'll give them a break. Except the watch did not arrive on Friday, either. Or Saturday. Or ever. And by then the hold was released from my bank account, luckily I was never charged. During this time I was constantly going to their website trying to track my order, but was told that the account I had created did not exist.

I sent an email to the company and was told I would receive an answer within a day. Still haven't heard anything. Obviously since I ordered the product to be delivered the next day it was a rush, the service from this company was very disappointing.