December 16th, 2013

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So I'm not really sure if anyone is really at fault here, but something really went wrong somewhere. Keep in mind that my great-aunt is normally the least "aggressive" person you'll ever meet. Spunky, oh hell yes. Violent, no.

Earlier this year, my great-aunt and uncle moved into an assisted-living type of apartment complex since they couldn't live on their own anymore. The complex in question was really designed to help out people that can still live on their own for the most part, but still need help with some day-to-day things. I'm not really sure why their daughter picked this place, now that I think about it.

My great-aunt is in the early stages of dementia, and when she arrived at the complex they began medicating her in an attempt to slow it down. Apparently the first treatment they tried wasn't working out, so they switched her to a different pill. The new medication made her aggressive to the point where it was impossible for anyone not to notice, including the staff. Instead of realizing this and switching meds again, they kept her on the new medication as her behavior deteriorated.

Then Oktoberfest happened.

Imagine a little old German lady rampaging through a festival throwing chairs and dumping drinks on people's heads with a crowd of staff chasing after her.

She and my great-uncle were asked to leave following this incident and past aggressive behaviors on my great-aunt's part, all of which occurred after switching medications.

They are now in a different facility where she's back to her old self after changing medications.

Is this bad service though? I feel like they really should have done something about the medication once they saw its side effects, but I don't know if there were any other complications aside from the behavior changes. Besides that, the complex really is designed for more independent living aside from prescribing/handing out medications and wasn't really equipped to care for this couple. There were a lot of other problems too, but they aren't really the staff's fault or related to this so I won't ramble about that unless someone wants me to.
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USPS update

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The package supposedly delivered to my mom's CLOSED business last Thursday arrived today. Meaning I don't have to go to the local post office and go nuts. Who knows what happened to it between Thursday and today. Important thing is that it (1998 Furbys!!!) got here. Arrived three days after tracking said it was delivered. I hate the local post office so so much.