December 12th, 2013


Help with Ebay seller?

Update from this post: "Why are you *still* selling something you claim to have no more stock of?"

Seller hadn't gotten back to me, so I politely inquired when they might be refunding me (as I bought the item in November, I didn't want to miss my chance of not being able to make a claim with Paypal incase something went wrong). They replied with when they get the time because they're slammed for the holidays.

I paid via paypal, and I'm pretty sure it's just clicking one link to issue a refund (maybe I'm wrong? I just didn't think it was complicated). I could understand if she had to get a money order, or cheque to refund me, but this makes me feel leery. Am I being an entitled customer wanting my refund back now and not later? (I'm honestly just worried that I'm being scammed and they're waiting for this to pass the time I can make a claim). I understand that they're busy but I imagine they have to go in paypal anyway to confirm receipt of payment (they had to go in there to "cancel" the shipment but didn't bother refunding me). Is it bad_service because what does her being slammed with orders have to do with her ability to issue a refund on paypal? (A couple of days I understand, but the wording makes me think they want to wait until after the holidays to issue it, at which point if they don't issue a refund, I'll be SOL).

What if I needed the money to use on holiday shopping, or buying the same decal somewhere else (what if it was a gift for the holidays)?

If this isn't bad_service (and/or I'm being a horrible customer), or allowed, I will definitely delete it, thanks.
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A minor whine and a minor update

First, re: my HOA claiming they got my check for 2 months' worth of fees but never actually cashing it -- there is still zero evidence of it in my bank account. December's check, however, got cashed promptly. As far as HOA is concerned we are up to date and we got two months' worth of fees for free. Or something. Still baffles me.

Second: It's not so much bad_service as no_service -- I have had Blue Cross insurance for years. I have been an individual payer for all that time. It's a month-to-month basis so basically as long as I tell them before the 5th of the month I can cancel it for that month.

As of Jan 1 I am eligible for health insurance through my job. All I need to do is call BCBSIL and cancel the policy. There is no way to do this online. Their "contact us" form gives you no evidence of a submission being received and there is no online chat. I called a couple weeks ago and was told I had to call again after the 5th. So I tried Monday. Wait time quoted of over an hour. I was at work and have call waiting, so I just put the receiver down and listened to the tinny hold music for an hour... until I was disconnected. It also said to "call back Thursday or Friday." So this morning I tried again. Got the same wait time message and "call back Thursday or Friday." Uhh.

I will obviously have to keep trying -- and I'll try in the evening or something -- but how can you not have enough agents when this is clearly the busiest time of year plus all the new legislation is kicking's ridiculous.

My husband ordered a Blu-ray steelbook from We received it, opened the packaging, and the part that was covered by the display card was COMPLETELY caved in!

We returned it to and they just issued us a refund. The problem? They didn't refund either the shipping to us nor the return shipping.

Total cost of the item before shipping: $20

Total cost of shipping: $20

So we basically PAID $20 to receive a screwed up item and send it back.

Thank you so much for allowing us to waste money on you,


Here's your guy's "missing" details. I was at work and pissed and didn't realize that's promising of a full refund and not receiving magically isn't bad service just because I was still waiting on their response. It's still bad service. Bad service that can turn good, but isn't yet.

- I bought directly from (not a seller)
- doesn't provide return labels for US customers
- They promised a full refund for defective or damaged goods
- I received a refund of $20, when I should have received a refund for $30

Thankfully they are claiming that they will send a full refund (including return shipping which I wasn't expecting, I fully expected to be out the $10 to send it back), which is good. I appreciate that. They blamed it on "technical difficulties" instead of taking responsibility for making a mistake, but whatever. As long as the refund actually comes through, I'll be happy. The only thing making me unsure is that I haven't received an additional refund notice with the remaining amount, so we'll have to wait and see if they'll actually refund it.

So still waiting to see if it'll be turned into good service or not.
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Misdiagnosing Glaucoma

My husband, children and I switched to a new eye doctor a year ago last fall. The new doctor and his wife are optometrists in their own (non-chain) practice in Hawley, PA.

In Oct. of 2012, they diagnosed my husband with glaucoma and said he has lost 25% of his peripheral vision. He has been visiting them every month since then for pressure checks, visual field checks and a lot of other tests (at a $25 co-pay each time). He was also put on Travatan drops to prevent any more loss of vision. My husband never noticed any loss of vision, but the eye doc said that that was normal.

We asked him about seeing a specialist or even an opthamologist, but the eye doc assured us he was perfect capable and comfortable treating my husband. He also said he treats a lot of glaucoma patients.

This past October, they diagnosed our 15 year old daughter with glaucoma. When the doctor diagnosed her, he said that #1- he had diagnosed at least a dozen children with glaucoma in the last month and rattled off their ages; #2- the computer system that he uses in his office is the same one that NASA uses on their astronauts and #3- we could take our 15 year old to a leading pediatric glaucoma specialist and he would say her eyes are fine because he would be using old fashioned methods.

Well, that set off my "hinky meter" and I called her pediatrician when we got home. Our daughter was seen by a glaucoma specialist about a month later and she does NOT have glaucoma- or any signs of it at all. My husband was seen earlier this week by a glaucoma specialist and he also does NOT have glaucoma.

So, my question is, what, if anything, can be done about it? I don't mean to sue them, but I think that someone should look into this. We are talking to our insurance company and I was thinking of talking to the attorney general? Does anyone have any experience with this?

My doctor's appointment was about my vitamin D levels. Or lack thereof since I'm pretty much a vampire.

The nurse brings me in to the room and hands me a sheet that says "Weight Management" with tips on how to lose/maintain weight.

The nurse didn't say a single word when she handed it to me. No disclaimer, nothing at all about why I was given it. My weight is well within the healthy range but I refuse to be weighed at this clinic because no matter what I do, they always announce the number to me.

I have a history of body dysmorphic disorder so this was VERY disturbing. Later my doctor tells me they're giving this sheet out to every patient that comes in.

Well gee, you might want to mention that at some point. Sometime before I'm wondering why the hell my doctor's concerned about my weight.
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USPS. Nothing you haven't heard before.

I am so sick of dealing with them. Local post office is just crap. Background, shipping via usps to my apartment ends up with delayed stuff (saying it was delivered when it wasn't), so I ship it to my mom's work nearby. Problem solved, right? Not for long. Here's some stuff I recently dealt with in the past six months:

This one isn't a big deal, but a wtf. I live in Texas. A package from Idaho was shipped all the way to a sorting facility in NEW HAMPSHIRE and then to Texas. Riiiight...that one at least got here without a problem.

An envelope containing a book, to my apartment. Tracking said delivered. Check mailbox which it WILL fit in, not there. Check apt office, nothing. I give it some time, and eventually it shows up about four days later after it was claimed to be delivered.

So I switch to shipping to mom's work. First time comics show up in a box that fits in the mail box there. No problem. Next two times, tracking claims the business was closed on a Saturday, when my mom was there and regular mail was received. Mom asks about a package each time cuz I check tracking daily and I text her about it. The mailman says no packages. Tracking claims business closed, notice left. No notices, and my mom asks the guy and he says no packages. Packages usually show up on Monday when this happens.

Today. Mom's work is actually closed today. What does tracking say? DELIVERED. But the business is closed! I go by and check it out. Regular mail is there. No package, no notice. In a fury, I go to the post office to inquire. I get directed to talk with a 'supervisor', which requires me going to a door and ringing a bell. This throws me off, but I'm used to small town post offices that don't have this; I now live in a busy Texan city. I tell him how tracking says delivered but the business is closed. He asks for my ID, the address, and checks in the back. Nothing, as I expected. He dismissively and monotonously suggests I come back tomorrow morning (which I can't cuz I work 6-2, but if it doesn't show up tomorrow I'm going to just give into my anger, which I NEVER do in businesses, but USPS pisses me off so much that I think they deserve it). The worker who helped me before said maybe they could call the carrier the package was supposed to be on, but I was being blown off and getting too pissy to even want to deal with it. UPDATE: it's Dec 13 and still not here. Was shipped 2 day priority with $50 insurance thankfully. Hell will be raised at the PO if this doesn't show up in a couple days

My other package was shipped out December 4, and tracking hasn't been updated since Dec 6, until about an hour ago. I know their tracking is lame, but I usually don't have a problem with it (until this time when they didn't update, lost it or whatever). So they should both be delivered tomorrow, according to tracking. UPDATE: this arrived Dec 13. Took so long cuz it was media mail, which I didn't know

What KILLS me is one of the employees asked me what I was there for, so I told her. She acted extremely exasperated about the post office's actions, and mentions how they need to pick up their game, and generally implied that these problems happen a lot. That's great to know, like it already wasn't frigging obvious.

What really sucks is a lot of places (like ebay) don't have an option to use different delivery businesses, so I'm stuck with usps- otherwise I would completely avoid them, since complaining will probably do absolutely nothing. I know Christmas is close and this stuff tends to happen, but I refuse to let this post office get off on any excuse. This crap has been happening for the past six months since I moved to my current location.
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Went to the dentist today to get two fillings done. My old dentist had left, so it was a new person. I have a phobia of dentists, and I also have a hard time getting numb. It takes a high dose of Novocain. And that's in my file. They know that.

So, she puts in the shot, waits about 10 minutes. I'm not numb at all. So she gives me a second shot and waits another 10 minutes. At this point, I'm slightly numb, but not completely. I tell her this, but she's in a hurry. So she says she's going to go ahead and start, and if I have pain, stop her. She starts drilling, and predictably it hurts a lot. I get shooting pain, so I jerk. She stops, but she yells at me for moving even though it was an involuntary reaction to the pain. She puts more Novocain in and only waits a couple of minutes this time. At this point, she insists that she has other patients and we need to get this done. So she keeps going. It hurts a lot, but I just let her finish because I'm already miserable and freaking out and just want to get this over with.

Just, ugh. Not sure what was going on. Maybe she put the shot in the wrong spot. Or maybe it just wasn't going numb today. But either way, she really didn't help with my issue with dentists. I probably should have spoken up or just called it a day, but I was a little too freaked out at that point to do anything but sit there and bear it.
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I don't own emotion, I rent.

I came home early to meet a technician so he could do a furnace tune up.  My landlord's property manager had called and arranged the tune up but since I was home, he didn't stay for the actual job.  I was fine with that and felt I could handle anything that came up.  I showed the technician to the basement, made a little small talk, and even offered him coffee or tea.  At one point he said he was a bit concerned about a large amount of white particles/dust-like substance.  He said he was going to do a combustible test and look at replacing a few parts of the furnace.  He wasn't very chatty and I figured he might like some time without me looking over his shoulder, so I went upstairs to wait.  Every thirty minutes or so I went downstairs to check on the progress, but he spoke even less.

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I called the property manager and thanked him for scheduling the tune up.  But I made sure that he knew I was upset over the technician's attitude towards me.