December 11th, 2013


Love the dentist, the secretaries need some work though...

I had a great dentist in a town, a few towns away.. it was an hour, or an hour and a half drive to get there, but it was well worth it because I trusted him, and he worked with me on payment plans when I didn't have insurance. He also understood my phobia of needles, and didn't make nasty comments when I cried (dentists used to when I was younger, IDK if they've since learned being nasty doesn't help calm anyones nerves, IDK).

He changed his hours though, and stopped working weekends which made it near impossible to go and see him, and I wasn't overly fond of the other dentists he employed (nothing wrong with them, I just didn't know them as well as I did him) so I thought why not change to someone closer? My mom had found someone just a few blocks away, who worked weekends and had late nights, and she'd had no problems previously with them, so I thought I was set!

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I apologize if it's all over the place, I kept remembering more things as I was writing. If there's any confusion feel free to ask and I'm glad to elaborate, or fix it.
In Charge


I believe this is bad service since they got my sandwich wrong, but it has a happy result.

Had a job interview at the mall and afterwards I was hungry so I went to the food court for some Wendy's. I decided to try their Bacon Portabella Melt to go and after receiving my combo I went home.

When I got home I noticed something odd about my sandwich. Instead of a burger the bacon, mushrooms and nice melty cheese was on a crispy chicken breast. They didn't have a chicken version of this sandwich but since I was hungry I ate it.

It was delicious.

I wrote an e-mail to Wendy's to explain what happen. The staff needs to pay better attention, but I also suggested they make a chicken version of the sandwich.

Edit: Here is a response I received. We apprciate your comments. I will talk to corporate about making that a menu item. Im sorry that we messed up your order. By the way you can always order it like that if you ask we can make it for you.