December 9th, 2013

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I attend Pure Barre classes in my hometown to supplement my regular lifting workout. I was traveling for work last week, and found there was a PB studio in the town I was visiting, so I decided to attend a class there. I showed up half an hour before class start time to get all the paperwork squared away, and when the class opened up, I made my way into the room, grabbed my equipment, and met the instructor. She recognized me as a new student, and was all smiles and warmly welcome. She said, "Okay, hi, you're new! Tell me your name and something about yourself that will help me remember you!" I replied, "Hi! I'm Jen, and I'm actually from Smalltown, Other State and just visiting for the night." She immediately soured, her smile left and she said (not making this up), "Oh! Well then I don't need to know anything about you because I'll never see you again! Enjoy class." and walked away. She wasn't being cute or funny about it. Imagine if I was a brand new client who happened to try it out while traveling??

Listen, even though you made no money off of me (1st visit is free), you're still representing your brand. My hometown studio would never say something like that to a visiting student. :/

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Let me preface this by saying that the MAJOR issue here is that my grandmother had two of her doctors told by her cardiologist that she had aortic stenosis. Her nephrologist (she lost a kidney to cancer and is currently in end stage kidney disease) then treated her kidney function issues by changing around heart medication to take some of the pressure off the kidney. Her GP changed some of her blood pressure meds operating off of the report he was sent from the cardiologist detailing the stenosis. The week of Thanksgiving, we found out that she does NOT in fact have aortic stenosis and this is where my questions come in:

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