December 8th, 2013


Why are you *still* selling something you claim to have no more stock of?

I ordered a decal for my car off ebay.

Time passes, and I get a message from the seller saying they've run out of stock would I like another decal?

(No, thanks, just a refund, please (waiting on that but I don't suspect it will be a problem).)

This isn't the worst bad_service ever (obviously) but.. why sell something as "having 3 in stock" on ebay when you're not even going to make sure to reserve that stock? In fact your auction still says 1 sold (being me), 2 available.

(P.S. I understand when store website inventory is wonky/delayed but I don't think this is the same at all as someone had to physically list it without checking/reserving the inventory, and leave it listed after realizing they were out.)

Issues with Starbucks

I'm a little incredulous that this happened and that I was treated so rudely. I stopped into the store before work and bought a drink and a Nanaimo bar. I had a free drink voucher from the same Starbucks because they had made my drink incorrectly 3 times on my last visit.

I paid for the bar alone, and was supposed to be given $17.95 in change. The cashier gave me a 10$ bill, a 1$ coin and 3 quarters. I waited for the rest of the change but she began preparing for the next person, so I said "Excuse me, you've given me incorrect change. I still need 5$ and another 1.20$."

She looked at my hand and my receipt and acknowledged that the change was off by a fair amount but began serving the next customer. The other customer started to say something along the lines of "I think the other person needs to get their change..." and the cashier said "No no, it's okay".

At this point, I was annoyed. I mean, everyone makes mistakes and that's not the problem. But seeing that there's a problem and then starting on serving another customer was rude. I was frustrated that my trip was taking much longer than it should have and I did ask for a voucher since this was ridiculous. She finally gave me my change after she finished serving the other person and then slammed a voucher on the counter and moved on to the next customer.

I did still get my drink and my little bar, and when I got to work and I opened the bag, the bar was smushed. I think this was a final passive aggressive gesture to finish off my experience. Still ate the bar because I paid for the bloody thing and it was still edible.

So what should have been a 5 min stop before work turned into 10 minutes and incredibly rude service.