December 4th, 2013


Nickels and dimes

I needed to get a new phone and I finally reached the date when Verizon says I am allowed to upgrade at discounted pricing, so I went in to the store and attempted to purchase the phone I wanted.

The price I was expecting was 199.99 because that was the price they had listed on the website and also the price listed on the sign at the store. The guy rings me up and says "Okay that will be $279.99" and I say "What?? I thought it was $199" and he says "Theres a mail in rebate for $50 and then theres a $30 upgrade fee"

This was the first I've heard about an upgrade fee and so I say "What upgrade fee? You're charging me extra for upgrading??" and all he says to me is "Yeah its a thing they started a while ago." So I say "How long is a while ago? We upgraded my bfs phone in July and werent charged an upgrade fee" and his response is "I'm sure you were charged it and just don't remember it" and he just sits and looks at me.

I'm getting pissed off at his attitude at this point so I say "So let me get this straight, you no longer offer an additional discount for renewing my contract, I have to deal with a mail in rebate if I buy the phone in person, AND you're charging me for upgrading? This is ridiculous. I dont want the phone now, forget it." At this point he says "Hang on just a second" and he walks in back...I assume hes going to speak with someone about possibly waiving the fee, but instead he comes back out with a printed "receipt" from our previous upgrade to prove that we'd paid the upgrade fee last time.

I told him I didn't pay a fee last time, so I don't care what sort of paperwork he makes appear now, I'm not happy and I no longer want the phone. His response? "If you buy it some place else they'll just add the fee to your bill."

I left without the phone and went home to do some research. Still had my receipts from the upgrade in July, and there was an upgrade fee listed on there but there was ALSO a "loyalty discount" put on there for $30. So basically the guy I dealt with last time put the fee on but then used something else to take it off and never mentioned it. Either way I knew I hadn't paid that fee last time and that jerks smug "deal with it" attitude just pissed me off.

I ended up buying the phone from Amazon for $150, and while verizon did add the stupid upgrade fee to my bill, it still ended up cheaper than what I would have paid with them. So suck it Verizon.