November 12th, 2013


... what just happened??

This is more of a total WTF on my part... I actually received pretty good service but something has clearly gone awry somewhere.

We live in a townhome and pay HOA dues every month. We receive the bill around the 20th of the month and it's due by the 15th of the next month.

I wrote the dues for October, mailed it out, and did not realize until around Oct. 18 that it never got deposited. Crap. I got the new bill with both October & November's dues on it, plus a late fee.

I called the HOA manager and she agreed to remove the late fee and I promptly sent the check for October & November. I watched my bank account carefully. Ten days later, no sign of it, so I called the HOA again; she confirmed that they had received my check. I even talked to the accounts payable lady who sent me confirmation that we have a zero balance, but there is still NO sign of the check in our bank account.

So I talked to Chase, and just spoke with a woman on the phone who was very courteous but said that it was on the HOA's end.

I suspect the HOA has not actually physically deposited the check, but I can't prove it, and they seem to be content that our account is current. It would not be a real problem if the check suddenly did get deposited in a month or two, but... the whole thing is just mystifying.
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*MOD NOTE* Looking for new mods

Hi Guys

derbysinner has decided to resign as mod and has left me as the mod/owner/maintainer of this comm. Whilst I did OK being a mod, I wasn't expecting a flounce/resignation.

I have a full time job and foster kids to care for and as it is, I only check every few days.

If people are happy with that, then awesome, happy to continue. Otherwise, I am open to applications for people who would also like to mod this community so reply below or PM me with expressions of interest.
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More Garage Sucks

I finally got my car back, and it's actually fixed for sure this time. The oil seal was worn out and hanging off, and as it took them taking the gear box out of my car to get to it I guess I will forgive them.

But as luck would have it (sarcasm right there), my husbands car needed its brake pads replacing a few days ago. As we knew the garage doing my car were short staffed, my husband took his car to the other garage down the road as they'd do it that day.

Now my husbands family are regular customers at this garage, and the main mechanic knows my father in law very well. This is where the bad service comes in.

Whenever we took our cars to them, rather than call us, the mechanic always called my FiL. Which caused issues as my FiL is prone to overreact to everything (seriously, if he has heartburn, it's a stomach ulcer, if he has a headache, it's a brain tumor, you get the idea), and whenever he got a call about our cars he'd then call my husband and have an argument about how my husband should spend money we don't have on a brand new car rather than spend £100 on his old one, that kind of thing. So we started using the other garage to prevent this, as no matter how much we asked the mechanic NOT to call my FiL, he did anyway.

But this was an emergency, so my husband took his car to them. And he spoke to the mechanic and spent five minutes explaining how he should call him about the car and not FiL. Made sure he had his number, and left the car.

And then mechanic once again called my FiL about the car when it was done. And as my car was sick at the time, it caused the mother of all arguments. Which is just what we needed on top of everything.

Maybe it's not massively bad service in the scheme of things, but how hard is it to call my husband rather than his dad, especially after he specifically asked the guy not to.