November 8th, 2013

Ulame Pell sharing breath
  • sharz

When are male comedians going to learn that sexual harassment isn't funny?

Last week my girlfriends and I were exiting a comedy show when we ran into a man trying to peddle us discounted tickets for shows at the venue on the street corner. It was a legitimate sale, there is a comedy club associated with that venue which regularly has discounted tickets. However we politely told him "no thank you" and he gave as a few smart ass responses like "But I just want your money!" and so on before walking off.

We thought that would be the end of the matter and so we stood there talking/making plans to get coffee/ saying good bye etc when we heard shouting. Turns out this guy had started harassing another girl who was walking by and her boyfriend had gotten pissed. That particular couple walked off and I'm pretty sure this sales guy was being obnoxious because he sauntered back over to my group and asked us if he had "harassed us yet?"

I told him "Yeah mate, you've bothered us already" to which he responded "Well I prefer the term harassed, actually sexual harassed since I want to make you uncomfortable".

He ACTUALLY stated outright that he wanted to make me uncomfortable which indicates he knew EXACTLY what he was doing. I told him he was being rude and inappropriate and he then tried to laugh it off by saying "Well I don't take rejection well" and "Well it's not against the law is it?"

I was fuming by that point so I asked for his name which he gave (surprisingly) and then snapped a photo of him on my phone (the whole time, he was still 'joking' saying things like "Are you going to make love to my photo" and just being a dick).

Few days later, debating about whether I was over reacting or not, I called up this particular comedy venue and told them exactly what had happened with this guy.

Turns out they knew EXACTLY who I was talking about, he'd only been there a week and was an amateur comedian himself (apparently he has a 1 star rated clip on Youtube somewhere, the guy on the phone said he's not even that good). Also this happened at 9pm at night and he wasn't even supposed to be selling tickets at that time, he was supposed to finish up by 8.

Anyway the guy I spoke to was great. He didn't try to make excuses for his behaviour, apologised repeatedly and assured me that they were going to get rid of the guy AND gave me 4 tickets to a show. THAT is good service not to mention total win for the the fact that they KNOW what they did is wrong, he just "got it". After all the idiots that defend guys like Tosh.0 I was seriously expecting to be told to "lighten up" or not be so sensitive.

I feel bad about getting this guy fired but you know what, I feel like he's that guy of guy that isn't going to understand what he did was wrong so may as well hit him where it hurts. Screw him and all guys like that who think it's OK to talk to women that way or that sexual harassment jokes are funny. Not to mention, who the hell thinks that's going to sell them tickets?