November 2nd, 2013


Possible bad_service at the grocery store

This happened a couple days ago and is still bothering me, but maybe I am overreacting (and if I am, you guys can tell me).

I was shopping for a few things at the grocery store, making my way down the greeting card aisle. At that moment, the song "Eternal Flame" by The Bangles came on over the loudspeaker and I started to sing along. Not super loudly or obnoxiously, mind you--and I've shopped in this store many times and sung along to the music without any problem. But I turned the corner at the end of this aisle and was passing by the one next to it, in which there were two store employees (I believe one was stacking something on the shelves) talking to each other.

As I passed by, I heard Shelf-Stacking Guy say "I'm so glad we have the new version of this song with the extra singer!" in a very sarcastic/rude voice. I didn't even realize he was delivering an insult at first, but after I passed the aisle, Shelf-Stacking Guy came walking out from it behind me and started mock-singing the song, as if to make fun of me.

I'm not saying anyone has to like my singing, including him...but to make fun of me when I'm barely three feet away? Not cool, and definitely not professional. It didn't hurt my feelings so much as make me angry, and I keep wondering whether to go to customer service and say something, because I have been shopping there a long time. Ugh.

City Link again...

Ordered an item from Amazon with delivery guaranteed by today, and was highly disappointed to discover, upon confirmation of my order, that the chimps from City Link were delivering it. According to the email I received, my parcel could be delivered any time between 07:30 and 17:30, which was a bit of a problem because it was being delivered to my workplace - and reception at work closes at noon on a Saturday. I phoned City Link and gave them my phone number, asking them to pass it on to the driver in case they got to reception after it had shut; my office is literally across the road, and the driver would be able to drop the item off with me instead. Oh yes, they said, we'll give your number to the driver...yes, you can see where this is going, right? No delivery arrived before noon, and I was in my office all afternoon with no phone call. I decided on a whim to check the online tracking, only to find that the driver had supposedly attempted delivery at 11:50 but that nobody had been there to receive it. This is a complete lie, because there was a member of staff at reception at that time - I was speaking to them on the phone just as this attempt at delivery was supposedly being made. No, my guess is that the driver was delayed somewhere, couldn't be bothered to ring me, but chose instead to shove a delivery card through the mail slot at reception at some point this afternoon and drive away. What hacks me off this time is that I had ordered the item on behalf of one of the boys at the school where I work; it was something he needed for a theme night that takes place this evening, so Amazon's offer to rearrange delivery is completely worthless. But what I am seriously fed up with is Amazon's assurances, via customer service reps who have English as a fourth language at best, that they will use my complaint to closely monitor their couriers and improve service! They've been telling me this every time a courier has screwed up, and it has never made a blind bit of difference...

Bad Office Depot Service

This a copy of an email I just sent Office Depot about what happened at their store in Santa Clara, CA tonight.

"I would like to start by saying that I regularly shop at Office Depot in Santa Clara, CA on Kiely and Stevens Creek and have been for at least the last ten years. Tonight i fear will be the last time I go to an Office Depot. I went tonight at about 6:30pm looking for a vertical folder file holder and a desk calendar. After selecting my items, I went to the register to pay. I had selected a folder file that was listed on the shelf at $6.99. Imagine my surprise when it ran up for $41.99. I told the clerk that I did not want to spend that much and went to pick out a another one. This one was listed at $9.99. But it rang up at $31.99. The clerk had someone go check it out before going to talk to her manager Robert. He came over and very curtly stated that it wasn't $9.99 despite what the shelf said. I, at this point rather tired of the farce, said " Well, I guess I'll go back a second time." To which Robert said "you can can go back three times, but it ain't going go be no $9.99". At this point I was done. His rudeness was the last straw and I told him that he had just lost a sale and walked out without purchasing anything. I returned to the same store at 7:00pm and went back to the shelf where the same item that rang up at $9.99 was still located, but this time without a price tag in front of it. One can only assume that it was removed after I left. I am not upset about the price issues, but at the level rudeness that I experienced at this store. I was not demanding that I receive the item for $9.99, in fact I had just told the clerk that it seemed that someone was putting tags in the wrong place, I am more upset that the once nice managers at this location have been replaced with managers who seem not to care that they are driving their loyal customers to your competitors. I for one will not be coming back to this store for my office needs."

For those who might think that I was being a bad customer and have cleaned it up for this email. I really didn't care that it wasn't $9.99, but that I seemed to keep picking the mispriced items and my husband was waiting in the car for me to finish. It really was about the managers' attitude towards me when I had been nothing but nice to the clerk and had even been joking with her about it minutes before. I was on my way to put the item back, pick out yet a third file holder, pay and leave when he started with the crappy attitude. This really used to be a good store and I just started a teaching job and really need classroom supplies (in fact I was just there on Tuesday and had no problems). Guess I'll be going somewhere else.


Management company fail

So for Halloween at work this year I decided to dress up as Pam Poovey from the show Archer. ( She's a hilarious character and I love her.) Since she looks basically like a normal person in office attire, I went online and found a cheap dolphin puppet to add to my costume. Ordered it last Wednesday, the 23rd, from Amazon. I got an email saying it was delivered to the office. Great! My work hours don't jibe with the office hours very well, so I wasn't able to pick it up until Wednesday, the 30th. My boyfriend has a package there as well.

I go to the office, say I have a package. The woman working looks at the big pile, doesn't see it. Goes to one of the closets, opens and searches. What's the last name? There should be one for [my last name] and one for [boyfriend's last name.] Hmm...all we have is one for [his last name.] Oh, well I know it was delivered, I have an email that says so! Who signed for it? Um...I have no idea. Well the company could have said it was delivered but if we were out they'd have to hold onto it, so maybe they still have it and will bring it back today. (But then wouldn't it say returned to hub or something in the email?) I'm confused, but she says she'll check into it and give me a call. They're open until 5, and it's about 3 at this time.

I'm out running errands, and when I get back it's a little after 4. I check my email and no, it's says delivery confirmed on Friday the 25th. I text my boyfriend a bit, and he says he should actually have two packages. Also has a confirmation email from Monday. Hmm. I call the office, no answer. I walk down there quick, it's about 4:45 at this point, and they're closed. Awesome. I call again, leave a bit of a shirty message (basically hey, you were supposed to be open until 5, and let me know about my stuff, and no one did, I needed this for a costume and now I don't have it, let me know what the deal is), and figure out a different costume.

Thursday morning I get a message from the office. We found your package and your boyfriend's, they were in the office the whole time, just in a different closet, "Oops!" Yes. She actually said "Oops!" with a bit of a chuckle. No apology for not checking there during my visit or after. Or for not calling me yesterday. Or closing early.

Yeah it isn't the worst thing in the world, but it was definitely irritating and I was super pumped to go as Pam because it would have been funny, and the blase way she blew me off about it still bothers me. And apparently the last time my boyfriend ordered something, a couple months ago, they pulled the same kind of thing, he just never mentioned it. In the future I think we're just going to get things shipped to his or my work (since we do a lot of online ordering for the holidays.)